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Welcome to the Birth of ZayZay

Sharon Lockwood, Founder and CEO

Sharon Lockwood, Founder & CEO

ZayZay evolved from a vision I conceived three years ago. After running my own successful design practice in Toronto for many years, I felt a deep desire to expand my creative license, to push the limits, to produce works that exploded with colour and energy. I wanted to steer a new course, combining my graphic skills with my paintings, and applying these original compositions to textiles.

Ironically, this is a return to my original foundations in textile design: I was raised in London, England, and it was there that I attended art school to specialize in textiles. I later attended OCAD University in Toronto to study visual communications. And now, these two disciplines have merged into one.

ZayZay is a vibrant Canadian collection of limited-edition duvet covers and bed linens. The 25 spirited designs range from the exotic to the provocative, reflecting a fusion of cultures and a multitude of moods.

Using the latest digital technology, we have been able to achieve the most remarkable blends of colour, from the most subtle to the most intense and saturated hues; something not attainable with conventional rotary printing.

Much research has gone into the making of these premium ZayZay confections. We travelled the world to inspect factories and manufacturers capable of producing extra-wide format textiles, finally settling on a company in Portugal with the right combination of quality, ethical labour conditions and environmental integrity.

We then set out to transform the often neutral comfort zones – including the bed surface – into a vibrant statement, a refreshing alternative to beige and gray palettes. We wanted to shift the energy in the bedroom through bold artistic expression, to transform the duvet cover into a conduit to conversation. The results have been extraordinary, allowing you to turn your bedroom into a work of art and elevate the romance factor at the same time.

Your bed will not only look gorgeous, it will also feel absolutely wonderful once you’re tucked in.

I am beyond excited by what lies ahead for ZayZay. New worlds are unfolding! I invite you to wander through our collection and experience the exuberance of this new line of linens, the perfect gift for you or your friends.

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