ZayZay Shop Debut

Wednesday October 21, 2015 – The first stop on our road show, Toronto, Canada.


 Image of the space at the  ZayZay Launch


Image of the room at the ZayZay Launch


Various images of the ZayZay Launch party.


This was an evening to celebrate, the debut of ZayZay, a vibrant new Canadian collection of limited-edition, 100% Egyptian cotton duvet covers and bed linens. Guests were invited to experience the product first-hand. Some went further and even got under the covers.

Thank you to those who came out to celebrate this special day with us!

It began with a Vision

For several years I have been pursuing an idea to produce a line of limited edition luxury duvet covers.  I wanted to provide alternatives to the often bland or neutral options available in stores. This vision is now a reality. Together with my team, I have created these original designs and paintings to bring new energy and colour to our most private space - the bedroom.


Sharon Lockwood, Founder

Sharon Lockwood, Founder

ZayZay is an exciting new chapter in my life – one which would not have began without the tremendous support and enthusiasm of the following people. A heartfelt thank you and appreciation.




I would like to personally thank the following people for their invaluable contributions to the realization of ZayZay Inc.


Where do I start?


Husband – Rolf Lockwood for listening to my endless banter on the merits of moving ahead with this endeavour.

Daughters – Rebecca, Jessica and Vanessa for their enthusiasm, belief, cheerleading and inspired ideas.

Mother – Peggy Stevenson for raising me to have courage and be independent.

Gwyn Williams – for challenging me with the right questions and superb advice over beer and, of course, gin & tonic.

Darryl Hennick – for his tireless patience and guidance.

Design team – Marsha Winn, Donna Saccutelli, Donna Lay, Ming Mikaeo, Larisa Uymanova, Julie Weir, Jessica Lockwood, Vanessa Badu.

Contributors along the way – for their advice, expertise and keen insights – Daniel Ribeiro, Ana Guimaraes, Marco Olivotto, Suzette McHugh, Nabila Doudou, Tony Mastrodicasa, Doug Wallace, Reginald Oblitey, Gary Blair, David Robinson, Ali Dajani, Reginald Leung, Earl Dobec, Chris Harrison, Steve Raiman.


Guests at the ZayZay Launch

Shawny Bauman, Bruce Martin, Doug Wallace, Michael Hale, Neville Winn

 Guests at the ZayZay Launch

Susan Carbone, Donna Saccutelli


Registration Desk Crew

Bobby Diaz, Donna Lay, Christy Shin, Jessica Reznek


Guests at the ZayZay Launch

Phillippe Trahan, Ksenija Trahan, Emma Trahan


Guests at the ZayZay Launch

Sonja Pavic, Joanna Kyriazis


Guests at the ZayZay Launch

Halan Dajani, Haya Dajani


Guests at the ZayZay Launch

Chloe Castonguay, Jessica Lockwood, Ian Bobby Christensen, Glenn Cross


Guests at the ZayZay Launch

David Nuff, Ali Dajani


Guests at the ZayZay Launch

Bobby Diaz


Guests at the ZayZay Launch

Jessica Lockwood, Vanessa Sako, Alejandra Ramirez, Joel Hunking, Claudia Dall’Orso, Bree Spence


Vanessa Lockwood with ZayZay Logo

Vanessa Lockwood


Guests at the ZayZay Launch

Shawny Bauman, Bruce Martin, Jennifer Kean, Marsha Winn, Heidi Palij


Guests at the ZayZay Launch

Carolyn Douse, Alyssa A., Naz M.


Guests at the ZayZay Launch

Karen Kinch, Kelly Olsen


Guests at the ZayZay Launch

Bailey Duller, Joanna Kyriazis, Rebecca Lockwood, Sarah Berhane, Sukhpreet Sangha


Guests at the ZayZay Launch

Heidi Heemsoth, Jessica Loudon, Katja Heemsoth