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Linen Care

Caring for your bed linens

Machine Washable

We recommend using a gentle wash cycle in cold or lukewarm water. Temperature should be not exceed 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Some gentle reminders – to close the zipper in your duvet cover prior to washing or drying; and remove your linens promptly after washing to avoid excessive wrinkling.

Mild Detergent

Use a mild or pH-balanced laundry detergent. Do not use any liquid fabric softeners or detergents that contain bleach, ammonia or enzymes to avoid issues with discoulouration or damage to fibers. You may use color-safe, non-chlorine bleach to freshen and protect the vibrancy of sheets.


We suggest hanging your sheets to air dry, but if you prefer to use a dryer, use the air-dry or tumble-dry-low setting as heat can damage cotton fibers, reducing the durability of your linens. The addition of a damp towel will minimize wrinkling.