Caring for your bed linens

We spend a third of our lives between the sheets, so it makes sense to care for them properly.

Washing instructions

Launder your bed linen weekly – at the very least your sheets and pillowcases.

Duvet covers can be washed less frequently, every two weeks or so.

Whites – hot or warm water is recommended, setting on extra rinse.

Colours – duvet covers cold water only, setting on extra rinse.

Use a gentle detergent without added bleach, optical brighteners, whiteners, or fabric softeners – harsh or too many detergents are damaging to your sheets as well as your skin.

Bleaching is not advised, but for stains and spots use oxygenated bleach on whites; chlorine bleach is too hard on the fibres.

Don’t overload, give them space for water to wash around

Wash bedding separately from towels or polyester.

Remove as soon as cycle is done to help prevent wrinkles.

    Drying instructions

    Line drying is ideal, leaving a fresh-air scent, but if not, a free-standing drying rack. 

    Medium heat.

    To minimize wrinkling, remove from dryer once cycle is completed.

    Ironing or Steaming

    If you feel it’s necessary, you can iron your sheets while they are still damp using a good quality steam iron to make ironing easier.

    Avoid using spray starch as it can adhere to the surface of the iron.

    A steamer makes life infinitely easier.


      To keep your linen smelling fresh, make sure bedding is dry before storing it in a linen closet.

      Avoid storing in plastic containers, which can trap moisture – let them breathe.


        Cosmetics and face lotions are a common cause of discoloration. Many skin products contain oxidizing agents that actually can bleach or stain your bedding.

        Stains – should this occur, apply Dawn dish detergent directly on stained area. Leave on for 30 to 60 minutes. Rinse and inspect. If stain is still not entirely gone, apply again. Then launder as usual.

        For added longevity – a longstanding French tradition is to rotate your sheets by having an extra set or two of sheets and pillowcases on hand. This ensures that no one set receives more wear than another.

        Our luxury linen is pre-shrunk at the manufacturing stage.

        Allow your washing machine to fill up and begin agitating before you add the detergent or bleach. 

        Fabric softeners and dryer sheets are not necessary for ZayZay bed linen. These products can damage your linen. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets coat fabric fibers with a stubborn residue that builds up over time, making sheets and pillowcase more difficult to clean. This buildup can also fade colours and break down cotton fibers, which, ironically, causes linen to lose their softness over time. Our 100% certified Giza Egyptian cotton gets naturally softer and softer with each wash. These synthetic additives are irritating to sensitive skin as well as damaging to the environment.