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What is ZayZay Living?

Luxury linen duvet Giza Egyptian cotton duvet cover Apsara dancing bright colours in gray room

Our collection of luxury linen is a fusion of the world’s finest Giza Egyptian cotton with vibrant artistic expression.

ZayZay luxury bed linen is made with 100% certified Giza Egyptian cotton. This cotton is the finest, longest-staple of all cottons, producing an extremely soft and supple weave. Its long-staple fibres are the hallmark of this exceptionally fine fabric and provide superior wicking properties for a deeper quality sleep. Of all the cottons cultivated around the world, only 0.5% are 100% certified Giza Egyptian cotton, making this luxuriant and durable cotton so highly prized. Truly one of nature’s rarest treasures.


Return Vibrancy to your Life

Feeling blah? Got “the blues” – except they’re grey (or beige, or worse, greige)? Colour and design have the power to restore energy and uplift the spirit. That’s why ZayZay offers an extraordinary palette of the uncommon, allowing you to express your individuality through designs you simply cannot find anywhere else. ZayZay dares to overthrow the tyranny of listless interior design so you can liberate yourself from uninspired “comfort zones” that have never reflected you or your dreams.

ZayZay duvet cover Morrocan Monday detail bright yellow, orange-red, turquoise colours

Our Ethos

Integrity begins with a commitment to your beliefs, using the best materials and the finest craftsmanship to develop products that endure. We believe longevity is the ultimate in sustainability so we nurture business relationships where quality, eco-integrity and fair labour practices are our common bonds. Our team travelled the world, inspecting factories and meeting with manufacturers in a search for those who share the same values. We finally settled on a family-run textile business in Portugal with a generations-long legacy of excellence. Working together, we obtained certified audits of compliance by independent bodies at the highest international levels.

Because we use only 100% certified Giza Egyptian cotton, no softening agents or toxic chemical additives are needed, or used, in the production of any ZayZay bed linen. As a result, our linens are both kinder to your skin and gentler on the planet. Digital printing and water-based inks allow us to produce our exquisite linens using significantly less water and energy – thus leaving an exponentially smaller carbon footprint than traditionally produced linens.

Who is ZayZay?

ZayZay was founded by provocative designer / artist, Sharon Lockwood who has created Limited Edition duvet cover designs from her own paintings: these unique and original pieces of art convey emotion and mood from intense saturation to effortless simplicity.

Reconnect with that overlooked but essential one-third of your life by treating yourself to the vibrant tones, calming moods, and luxurious fabrics that long to encompass you while you sleep (or play).

Make it extraordinary. Make it ZayZay.

Smiling women on ZayZay duvet cover; Baduvet detail; Brambles duvet cover in dark bedroom