Do you have something to say about your Zay Zay Purchase? Tell us about it!

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A playful alternative to the ubiquitous white bedding, the bright linens offer a way to inject some colour into your bedroom.

Joanna Kyriazis

Artist and graphic designer, she's transformed your bedding into her canvas. Bursting colours, exquisite quality, ethical labour conditions and environmental integrity.

Sandra D'Angelo

I need you to know that I absolutely LOVE my duvet cover! David calls it my"investment blankie", because it is truly a work of art. I liken it to an art installation that I get to be a part of everyday! How fantastic is that?!

Jessie Cooper - Brantford, Ontario

It took me a while to choose a design and I wasn't disappointed. Dragonfruit Macaron is a different work of art every time its scrunched up, positioned, tossed back or hanging off my bed. I love my new Duvet cover and the comfort it offers. It is another reason not to get out of bed on a Saturday morning!

Charlie Foster - 12 Years Old

Zay Zay I love you!!!  I feel comfortable and happy in my new sheets and duvet.  My room is so beautiful now.  I am redecorating to make the rest of my room as special as my sheets.  The design feels like me.  I would recommend these sheets to anyone who likes art.  

Cheenee Foster - Toronto, Ontario

As a self proclaimed Queen of luxury I am beyond thrilled with my first Zay Zay linens !!! Seriously comfortable... so much so that I love sleeping without anything between my Zay Zays and me. Zay Zay you brought back naked luxury to me. Thank you!!!   

Tina Kerr - Toronto, Ontario

One of the reasons I look forward to sleeping. Thank you.

Peter-John Kerr - Toronto, Ontario

...literally cannot wait to get back into bed. After sleeping with Zay Zay you can't go back to anything less.

Tracey Gee - Burlington, Ontario

I want to sink into this and have beautiful dreams.

Lidka Schuch - Beaverton, Ontario

Your art is awesome, and the idea of art on duvet covers is fantastic!

Scott Brubacher - Toronto, Ontario

They're absolutely stunning!

Erica Jean Keating - Toronto, Ontario

My bed is my favourite place to be. (Get your mind out of the gutter.) It's where I read, rest, pray, write, and dream. So when I first saw Sharon Lockwood's designs, I was enraptured. By reimagining the duvet as a canvas, Sharon wakes entire rooms, and emboldens the very soul of a home.

Annik Pierre - Toronto, Ontario

I'm soooooooo over the moon to have won this beautiful piece of art!

Liam Livingstone - Toronto, Ontario

My favourite! Been going to bed with this bad boy for two years and never loved any duvet cover more or felt better between the sheets!