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Unique Duvet Cover Madagascar design bright colours brush strokes
Madagascar Duvet Cover - Top View
Madagascar Duvet Cover - Room View
Madagascar Duvet Cover - Top View - Flipped Duvet
Madagascar Duvet Cover - Top View - Flipped Duvet


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This is a painting I’ve never seen — which is to say:

My mother and I were supposed to go to Madagascar on a special trip together. We never made it so I painted this to make up for the exotic tropical birds and their exceptional plumage we didn’t see.

Nonetheless I wanted a memento of our trip because insofar as the trip never happened, it did happen. We planned, we dreamed, we envisioned. The journey my mother and I took was extraordinary. The memories of our trip never taken would fade no more or less than the time I spent with my mother planning our Madagascar trip. Perhaps this should be called Memories of Madagascar.

Or perhaps, this flurry of colour is our itinerary. It’s not too late to book a ticket. I think I’ll go pack.


100% certified Giza Egyptian cotton seal

  • Certified 100% Giza Egyptian cotton
  • Percale weave, perfect for all seasons
  • 400 thread count for optimum breathability
  • White piping for elegance and durability
  • Reverse side is white as an added option
  • YKK premium quality zipper, the best in the world
  • OEKO-TEX and APCER certified = no toxic chemicals
  • Safe and ethical practices
  • Becomes softer and softer with each wash
  • Colours hold – naturally colourfast





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