The Sum of It All


Of all the cottons cultivated around the world, only 0.5% are 100% certified Giza Egyptian cotton. This is what makes it so rare, so sought after, one of nature’s treasures.

ZayZay uses only this cotton, the world’s finest.

In the Giza region of Egypt, the cotton bolls are handpicked, which eliminates stress on the fibre and guarantees the highest level of purity, unlike the much more common machine-harvested types. Its long staple fibres are the hallmark of what produces such exceptionally fine, soft fabric.

Have you ever felt pure 100% Giza Egyptian cotton against your skin? Most people haven’t.

The experience of its caress against your skin is pure luxury. This natural softness, combined with its breathability and high moisture absorbency, helps you achieve a better... deeper... quality sleep.

Remarkably, it gets softer with each wash and will maintain its durability for a lifetime. It's a lasting investment.

This exceptional fabric also holds and reproduces colour beautifully.

And with no chemical additives, it's much, much kinder to your skin. To our planet as well. In fact, sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Our designs begin as paintings, striking abstract compositions. The rich, vivid colours combined with our luxurious custom-woven Giza cotton will shift your mood and transform your space into a truly unique experience.

Time To Make Your Bed … FUN !