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Artistic duvet cover Baduvet design reversing trends
Baduvet Duvet Cover - Top View
Baduvet Duvet Cover - Room View
Baduvet Duvet Cover - Top View
Baduvet Duvet Cover - Top View – Duvet Flipped


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This duvet cover, like my unpredictable daughter, named itself. My daughter, also known as Badu, is that ebullient explosion of colour when and where you least expected it.

And as I’ve never been one to resist an opportunity to elide words, Baduvet was born.


100% certified Giza Egyptian cotton seal


  • Certified 100% Giza Egyptian cotton
  • Percale weave, perfect for all seasons
  • 400 thread count for optimum breathability
  • White piping for elegance and durability
  • Reverse side is white as an added option
  • YKK premium quality zipper, the best in the world
  • OEKO-TEX and APCER certified = no toxic chemicals
  • Safe and ethical practices
  • Becomes softer and softer with each wash
  • Colours hold – naturally colourfast





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