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Penguin Love Duvet Cover - white Love script typography on black background
Penguin Love Duvet Cover - Top View
Penguin Love Duvet Cover - Room View
Penguin Love Duvet Cover - Top View
Penguin Love Duvet Cover - Top View - Flipped Duvet
Penguin Love Duvet Cover - Flat Graphic

Penguin Love

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Here’s the answer to that question you were afraid to ask us: Magellanic Penguins mate for life. You’re welcome. We felt that we needed to have a Lovesong for these dapper birds. Emperor Penguins, on the other hand, are serially monogamous. One sweet lady at a time, please. The Macaroni Penguins mate for life but more than that, they do the most delightful cackling and headswinging when they see each other. How could we not fabricate a Lovesong for these noble creatures?

PS. Don’t say I told you this…. Interestingly, the Prairie Vole also mates for life. LOVE. VOLE. Hmm. I think there’s something on the horizon for our next round of limited edition duvet covers.

Which came first? Lovesong or Penguin Love? You may notice a similarity between Lovesong and Penguin Love but it’s only chromatic, we swear it.

100% certified Giza Egyptian cotton seal


  • Certified 100% Giza Egyptian cotton
  • Percale weave, perfect for all seasons
  • 400 thread count for optimum breathability
  • White piping for elegance and durability
  • Reverse side is white as an added option
  • YKK premium quality zipper, the best in the world
  • OEKO-TEX and APCER certified = no toxic chemicals
  • Safe and ethical practices
  • Becomes softer and softer with each wash
  • Colours hold – naturally colourfast





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